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Thank you to everyone that came and supported us at the Etsy Vancouver Winter Market! It was a blast! We will now be closed until after Christmas to catch our breath and spend time with our loved ones. Our shop will be open early in the new year! We will also be dreaming up and scheming new plans for Spring because…

Coming Soon: SPRING MARKET news!

Stay tuned for dates, details, and info for the Spring market we will be participating in!

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    The Monogram Hat

    We are so pumped to introduce you to a brand new item - may we present to you (drumroll) - the Monogram Hat! Add any letter you want to the Winter Toque and bam - you've got a super duper trendy piece that is one of a kind for your kid. Or yourself - we do big people sizes too!

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    The Coffee Pot Cozy

    The first thing I do in the morning is stretch my toes, then sniff the air. I am checking to see if my dear hubby has the coffee on.

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    Pattern: Bunny Stuffy

    A couple days before Easter, I had this grand idea to "whip up" a couple stuffed bunnies for my two boys to wake up to on Easter Sunday morning.

About Us


We are Daniela and Brandi-Lee, the makers and owners of Purl & Company. We are a crafty duo that resides in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Welcome!

Purl & Co. began in 2013 when we sold infinity scarves made by people in our church community to raise money for families in need at Christmas. After that season, we were addicted to all things yarn and we wanted to keep making. Thus, Purl & Co. was born!

Each and every item is created with a lot of love and effort by us! Every bootie, every hat, every garland, is made for you in our own homes. Many items listed in our shop are one of a kind, so be sure to grab it if you want it, there is a chance you won’t see it again.

So that is our business, now who are we?

  • Daniela

    I’m a mama of two boys and have a very patient husband (especially when our house looks like yarn has exploded). Constantly crafting and creating. Oh and I do love a good Netflix binge. I rarely make two of the same things.

  • Brandi-Lee

    Brandi-Lee (otherwise known as ‘B’) is the knitter in this duo. She’s married to a great dude, and is the mother of two littler great dudes! She loves rainy days, big cups of good coffee, and of course a good Netflix marathon. She also occasionally blogs at


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